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Request a Change of Address and/or Account Status

Image of a check mark Use this form to notify the Department of Revenue of:
  • a change of address.
  • a change in your tax account status.
Image of an x Do not use this form if you are reporting:
  • a change in legal entity.
  • a change of ownership.
  • a change of business location address from one Florida county to another.
You must submit a new Florida Business Tax Application (Submit online or download form DR-1).


  1. Choose the type of change you are requesting.
  2. Provide the required information in Section 1 to identify your account(s).
  3. Check the box next to the tax(es) in Section 2 for which this change request applies.
  4. For address changes, complete Section 3.
  5. For account status changes, complete Section 4.
  6. Provide contact information in Section 5.
  7. Review your request for accuracy, scroll to the bottom of the page and click submit.
*Indicates a required field; information must be provided.
Select the type of change you are requesting (check one) * :


Identify Account :

1. Identify your tax account. To ensure changes are made to the correct account, please provide the following information. Provide account information exactly as shown on certificates of registration, correspondence or tax returns issued by the Department.

***Do not enter new address information here.

Federal Identification (provide at least one)*
- -
Department of Revenue (DOR) Account Number
- -
Current Account Information
* -
* () -
Tax Information :

2. Tax Type. This change applies to my accounts for the following tax or taxes (check at least one)*:

Change Address :

3. Change your address. Select the address type, then provide the new address information.

Address type: This is a change of (check one)*:
New address information: Provide information about your new address below:
() -
() -

Change Account Status :

4. Change your account status. Request to inactivate, reactivate or cancel your account. Check the box next to the appropriate action and provide the date this action becomes effective.

Action Requested (choose only one)*:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you inactivate or cancel your account, you must file a final return and pay all applicable taxes due within 20 days of your inactivation or closing date. Your final return must cover the period from your most recent return filing to the inactivation or closing date.


Contact Information :

5. Contact Information. Whom shall we call if we have questions?

() -